A Dream Come True

Justin Leonard's Unforgettable Day with The Driving Club at Road Atlanta

Meet our brave friend, Justin Leonard – Our Member for a Day. When we heard that Justin’s dream was to ride in a race car, IMSA Pro Racer Andy Lally stepped up to take this wish to the next level. It was amazing to see the member community come together to make his day as special as possible, at every turn. Together we went all out to make this day memorable for Justin and his amazing family.
Justin arrived on Member Day #1 for 2024, with no idea what we had in store for him. The owner of The Driving Club, Trip Campbell, introduced Justin at lunch to a room full of Members, friends, and Andy Lally. He was given a full race suit, gloves, and a helmet and told he would be riding along with Andy in a Ferrari 488 Challenge race car, provided by a generous DC member. Once ready, Justin was shown the car with his own name on it in the form of a custom logo, provided my DavidDesigns. When he was taken out in the Ferrari by Andy onto Road Atlanta, his family was given rides by other DC Members in their Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, and Viper ACR!
We want to show immense appreciation for the generosity of Andy, our DC members, Ferrari of Atlanta, David Designs, DiscoveryParts, Speedbourne Racing, and everyone who came together for Justin! 🏎️💨

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